Friday, February 5, 2010

22 Weeks

Today I had my 22 week checkup, but I also had another ultrasound. At my ultrasound at 18 weeks we couldn't get a good look at Kipton's spine so that is what today's ultrasound was for. It was also my 7th ultrasound for this pregnancy. I've had so many issues, but in the end everything is fine.

Sometimes it's hard to believe just how flexible babies are in the womb and it's also neat to get to see how the baby is positioned.

Below is a picture of Kipton curled up in a little ball. For those who aren't familiar with ultrasound pictures I'll explain it.

His head is in the center and he is looking up, his body is in the bottom right with his thighs over his body, his knees above his mouth and his feet above his head.

Everything is going well for this pregnancy. I am developing anxiety, a hormone imbalance, but the doctor told me it will go away a month or two after birth so that is good news. I just can't handle too many things on my agenda. If I have more then one thing to do it stresses me out to where I don't want to do anything. Mostly it still gets done, but I'm a nervous wreck the whole time. I'm also developing a food allergy which is not a pregnancy thing my doctor said so she is referring me to an allergist to look into that.

Other then that I am 22 weeks along, measuring 20 weeks and I've only gain 5 pounds. Great news there!