Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning

This was the first year that Ashton fully understood "Santa." It sure did make this Christmas a lot of fun.

Ashton likes his new truck

Peyton got a sit n spin.

Ashton found chocolate in his stocking

Peyton working on her stocking

Kipton hanging out

Mommy's turn for opening her stocking

More Kipton

It was really nice to have Grandpa Mike come over and join us. I'm sure Laura wasn't too far away watching over us.

Both Ashton and Peyton got dominoes from Grandma Kelly

Probably Ashton's favorite toy. Grandpa Mike got Ashton a Harley Davidson Motorcycle that moves on its own and makes lots of noise. Surprisingly the batteries haven't died yet

Peyton got lots of girly dress up clothes. Grandpa Mike and Aunt Shelley both got Peyton dress up stuff and she LOVES to wear it all. These are her first high heels and she wears them quite well.

Ashton got the Tag Junior reading system that I scored for a steal of a deal.

Taylor got his game.
Ashton is wearing his new shirt he just opened and I've had to wash it several times since then cause it's his favorite shirt and wears it all the time!

Apparently 3T clothes are getting too small for this little girl. I couldn't help it, I had to take a picture. Doesn't she have the cutest plumbers crack ; ) More dress up!!! And plumbers crack : )

Peyton also got a baby doll with all the fixens! It's so cute to see her be so motherly to her baby.
We're so grateful to have so many wonderful friends and family. We hope you've had a Merry Christmas and that you've felt the love the Savior has for you.

Cookie Monster

Recently Ashton and Peyton try to eat like cookie monster. Thankfully with fruit and not cookies. Ashton isn't shy, but watch Peyton when she thinks no one is watching.

Again, for those who get this in an email please head on over to our blog to watch it.

Pictures from Christmas past

Ashton ~ 9 months old - 2007

Ashton ~ 1 year old - 2008

Peyton ~ 4 months old - 2008

Peyton ~ 1 year old - 2009

Peyton ~ 1 year old - 2009

Ashton ~ 2 years old - 2009

Ashton ~ 2 years old - 2009

Ashton ~ 3 years old - 2010

Ashton ~ 3 years old -2010

Peyton ~ 2 years old - 2010

Peyton ~ 2 years old - 2010

Kipton ~ 6 months old - 2010

Kipton ~ 6 months old - 2010

Brothers - 2010

The Flint Kids - 2010


The other day I was walking and I had Ashton holding my right hand and Peyton holding my left hand and a lady me asked if they were twins. I said no and that they were a year apart, but it got me thinking of the little things they do that are alike.

Look at their feet

For the next photos look at their smile.

I didn't tell them to give me a cheesy smile and they aren't old enough to conspire together, they both just did it.

This makes me laugh.
Peyton is a little shorter, but they do look and act a lot a like.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


love watching them play. Ashton was pushing Kipton in the swing and then sneezed which made Kipton laugh. After that Ashton did a bunch of pretend sneezes to keep him laughing.

Sorry for all the emails. There is suppose to be a video in this email that gets sent out to a few of you. Hopefully it will be in this email otherwise please head to the blog to see it.

Lets Compare

Here is a picture of all 3 kids at 6 months of age.

Do they look alike/different?
What features do they have in common?
Do they look more like me or Taylor?
Can you tell they boys apart?

Kipton is 6 months

Kipton is 6 months now and is about 15 pounds. He has been such a blessing. We love him so much. He is rolling over and can roll himself all over the living room floor if I let him. He loves tummy time and is pushing himself up and can even scoot himself forward. He has great strength in his jumperoo. He'll even stand for a few seconds in it with great balance and then continues on jumping. He has great hand eye coordination and loves to put everything in his mouth. He loves his blanket. Just like his brother and sister looks like he will too be having a security blanket. His hair is still reddish blond with bright blue eyes.