Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Peyton Turns 3

On August 4th, Peyton turned 3 years old. We had her party this last Saturday. It was a butterfly theme. Some of the girls came in their butterfly wings. The first activity was string fruit loops on to a long string which then was turned into a necklace. Some of the kids did really well with this and others like mine just wanted to eat the cereal. After then they colored a butterfly cut out. Which later Taylor taped to a stick and added some ribbon which made a butterfly wand. After the wands were done we turned on the bubble machine and the kids got to run around and play with 70 plus balloons that were blown up. It was so simple and yet they all loved it.


Cute shot at her hair. I put her hair up in a “Never Ending French Braid”


Opening Presents


Singing Happy Birthday



Blowing out the candle

After the party she just wanted to play with every new toy



Peyton got her first tube of lip gloss


Peyton also got several things of nail polish which just this morning Peyton had busted out of the package it was in and painted her fingers, hands, legs, carpet and her face like it was lip gloss all before 7am.

Taylor made these beautiful cookies



I made these butterfly cupcakes.




What do you do when you have 70 plus balloons left over?

Turn it into a ball pit!