Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We're in Colorado!

I just wanted to give a quick update. I know a few of you have been wondering how the trip went and how well we are getting settled.

The drive was long, but that was to be expected. It took about 12 hours the first day. We stopped maybe 4-5 times, but what really slowed us down was the hills. Taylor was driving the 26ft Penske truck towing his car behind and was only able to get 30 mph on the hills. It was strange to see large semi's passing us on the hills. I drove the trailblazer towing a trailer behind and my mother in law came along for the ride to help me out. It was great to have her help. She made sure Ashton had water, milk, food, and entertainment. Ashton did really well for being in the car for so long.

We got into Santa fe just before 8pm. We were exhausted. Well, all of us, but Ashton. He was so happy to finally get out of the car. He ran all over the room for what seemed like hours. Then when it came time for bed which was after 10:30 pm we put Ashton in his pack n play and we lied down too. By the way, we were all in the same room. So, after Ashton was done with his bottle he just stood up and looked at us. We tried to hide under the covers, but it was too late by then. So, we got him up and tried again. We hid this time, but of course this time he just went to sleep. We were trying so hard not to move and make any noise. Then at about 3 am Bella needed to go outside. We tried all day to get her to go potty, but she wouldn't. I woke Taylor up and he wrapped himself up in a blanket and took her out. Apparently it was REALLY cold. Bella didn't waste anytime going and then they were back.

We got back on the road about 6:30 am and made great time. We stopped a lot too. We got into Colorado Springs about 2 pm and rested. Well, as best we could without any furniture. Then at about 6 pm we had a bunch of people from our new ward help us un load. I stood on the front porch and just told everyone where I wanted the boxes. That really helped in the end.

Sunday we went to our new ward and met a few people. This ward is much smaller then we are use too. We ended up getting there about 10 minutes late and they had already read in our records. So, when we opened the door everyone turned and looked at us. Then after the 1st meeting was over, we had people coming up to us asking if we were the Flints.

Our house is nice and is coming along at what feels to be a snails pace. Over the weekend we got our bedroom, family room, dining room and kitchen together. Ashton's room and the bathroom are liveable, but still need work. We have 2 bathrooms and 1 is upstairs and the other in downstairs. In the bathroom upstairs there is a blue bathtub and a blue toilet. Which on the bright side at least it is not avacado green or brown. Both of which we have seen.

Now that Taylor is back to work which started Monday it has been hard to get things done. My body is still recovering from Wed. - Sun. massive overload of work. Today is the first time in a week my back isn't hurting when I walk or move. I'm sure it won't last long since I have stuff to do, but it sure is nice.

Taylor is back to work and says it is alright. It will get better once things start picking up for him. It takes him about 15-20 minutes to get to work which is only 10 miles. His shift is 9-6, but goes in an hour early for overtime. We now spend all 3 meals together. We have breakfast before he leaves and since he doesn't work far he comes home for lunch. Then of course dinner at 6:30. It is actually a pretty sweet deal for Taylor. He now comes home and has lunch and dinner ready :)

This wasn't as short of an update as I was thinking, but I hope it fills you all in. I will blog more later and post pictures.

We miss you all!


Mark&Gisele said...

Hel Liz,

It's Gisele. I just found your blog. I'm so sad that you left so soon, but glad that you made it to Colorado safely.

The Picketts said...

I was in the Springs when I was in Colorado last month! I thought of you! I'm glad you all made it safely. I don't think my sister is in your ward - but seriously - if you need a babysitter, my neice is AWESOME (and 16 and great with kids!) I hope everything continues to go well for you! Can't wait to see pictures.

Sariah004 said...

YaY! I'm glad you guys got there safely and that things are coming along for you guys. It's really cool that there were people from your ward all ready to help you move in! It was good to talk to you today. Keep in touch and good luck with the baby!!

Ren & Anna said...

Glad you made it! Sounds like the typical crazy moving adventure. I hope you are able to rest up. Enjoy the small ward. I miss that!

Moss Family said...

How are you doing? How is Colorado and how are you feeling?