Monday, December 29, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas eve we spent the evening with a family we met in our ward. They have 4 children who Ashton had fun playing with. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and good company.
Christmas morning was exciting as usual. Probably more for me then anyone else in the house. Surprisingly it was not a white Christmas. I think Portland, OR stole all our snow. I hope they enjoyed a rare, but wonderful white Christmas. We had lots of presents to open and to name a few, Ashton got toys, books and a really cool snow suit. If we get our snow back I'll post pictures of him in that.
He's such a natural. We didn't even have to show him how to hold the bat.

Ashton wanted to read his new book. Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?

Peyton got quite a few stuffed animals and cute girly clothes.

Sorry for the bad picture. It was hard to hold her, open presents and take pictures.

Taylor and I got games, clothes/shoes, new silverware, and a weather station.

Christmas afternoon we joined the Snell family dinner which is Taylor's aunt and uncle. A few more relatives were there as well. It was nice to visit with all of them. It had been summer or longer since we've seen them.

Both kids were tired and went to bed early that night. I have this weird thing to remove all of the Christmas decorations as soon as Christmas is over and so I did. I spent about 2 hours that night taking down the tree, garland and decorations. It felt so good to be done and have things back to normal.

The day after Christmas Marianne and Phil joined us. They drove straight through from Arizona and they had a surprise. Phil's daughter Becca gave them a puppy. Harry Potter, the dog, goes by Potter and is the mildest 9 month old puppy. Sure does make our 2 year old lab look like a spaze. Bella and Potter got along fabulously and are missing each other right now.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you the best for the new year!

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Scott & Annedria said...

I'm so glad you guys had such a good Christmas!! I wish so much that we could have shared Christmas with you. I'm glad to hear that Taylor has 2 jobs lined up. You guys must be doing something right to have that blessing!! I love you guys and miss you sooo much!!