Saturday, June 6, 2009

Well Child Check up

We finally made it to the pediatrician yesterday. Ashton needed his 2 year check up which should have been 2 months ago and Peyton was going for her 9 month check up which should have been a month ago.

Here are the results for their percentiles

75th Percentile for Height and Weight. (finally they match)
31 lbs and 35 inches

50th percentile for height (27 3/4 inches)
10th percentile for weight 16 lbs 10 oz.

Peyton is very skinny, but nothing they are worried about. I was hoping she would be 20 pounds by 12 months, (2 months from now) so we could turn her car seat around, but I don't think she will gain 4 pounds in 2 months. Looks like she will be rear-facing for even longer now.

Ashton didn't need to get any shots, but Peyton was due for some. Just a few hours before her appointment she started running a fever and still had it at her appointment (100.6). Even thought it was a low fever it isn't recommended to inject viruses into a healthy body not one that is trying to fight something off. Needless to say, Peyton got out of getting vaccinated yesterday. She is feeling better today with no fever. Good thing she is too young to try and fake a fever or I would think she did it on purpose to get out of them.

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