Sunday, September 13, 2009


I have come to a realization this week and it makes me a little sad, but very happy too. Ashton is a boy! Yes gender wise, but that is not what I am talking about. My baby, my toddler is now a "BOY".

~ He sleeps in a big boy bed

~ He can count to 10

~ Knows most of his colors

~Knows a lot of animals and their sounds too

~ Talks in full sentences

~ Says, please, thank you, your welcome, love you, bless you (when you sneeze)

~ Knows many peoples first names like all his friends which totally surprised me and others

~ Sits at the table with no booster and can use utensils with minimal mess

~Jumps off furniture on to other furniture

~Plays in the backyard all by himself

~ Plays on the biggest/tallest play set at the park

~ Goes potty in the potty!

Yes, Ashton is potty training and we have had no accidents in the house except for the 2nd day of training which was about 3-4 days ago. Still learning about going potty outside the house, but that will come and will only take time.

It finally hit me that my baby boy turned into a "boy" over night. So now you can see why it makes me a little sad, but very happy too. Next is preschool and I can't believe that. There are many more things he does, but those are some of the exciting things. Lots to still work on, but so much he has accomplished. We love our little boy and are so glad we get to be his parents.

It really is cute to see my boy in underwear

I think I surprised him with this one

Not the greatest picture, but I love it cause he is in big boy underwear and it also shows that Ashton has thinned out. He lost the baby rolls. You will also see the next several pictures of him and his frogs. He loves these frogs. They are his favorite right now.

Potty training is easier if they are just naked so Ashton has been spending lots of time without pants and unfortunately is loving it way to much. It is hard to get clothes on him now.

Random pictures from the park. All four of us played on this teeter totter.

Here he is on the tallest play structure at the park which of course has the biggest slide.
Here is Ashton new favorite place. The basket is full of pillows and he has his frog, blanket, and drink. It's the perfect size for him.

Just a side note, Ashton will be 2 1/2 at the end of the month.


John and Dana Lyn said...

It's crazy how much they grow overnight! That's so awesome that Ashton is doing so well with potty training! He's going to be a sunbeam before you know it! Shaelyn is already starting to say a few words now and it just amazes me how fast she catches on to things! She'll pick up the remote and hold it up to her ear and start talking like it's a phone... where does she learn this stuff!?! :) Wish we could see you guys more often. Hope you're doing well!

Rachel McKendrick said...

Ashton is so big! We miss you so much!