Friday, April 2, 2010

Our new baby... a SUV!!!

Even though we had an SUV before we couldn't fit 3 car seats in the backseat. Also, our Trailblazer was only 2 wheel drive and around here it just isn't good enough. Even on a little ice I would still slide around. Taylor's little Honda did better then my vehicle and my vehicle is the kid hauler. We started looking last week and it's a little complicated to agree on something even though this vehicle is for me, Taylor still has to approve it : ) He was completely against a Minivan and I had finally accepted it. In the end he won and I'm not complaining.

We now have a Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer! We got a great deal on it and we had the engine checked out before hand and it's in great condition. It has new rotors and the brakes are great. We even got new tires put on as well. Anything we wanted done we got fixed. It really was a nice car buying experience.

Our Trailblazer had leather seats and we really didn't want to give that up. Any messes the kids made it was so much easier to clean up on leather then cloth.

I love that I have a full bench as the middle row instead of bucket seats. I now have 8 seats!

One of my favorite features are these 2 little buttons that fold my 3rd row up or down.

This vehicle has great features and great reviews. It even has great crash test ratings which is really important to me now that I haul such valuable cargo : )

Oh one last thing. I think this is best gift a kid could get. We bought this on Ashton's 3rd birthday and he LOVES it!

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Rogers Family said...

congrats on the new car! you're gonna LOVE the extra room. It looks super nice. i'm so happy for you guys.