Friday, August 20, 2010


Lots and Lots of Photos!
In June we went to Arizona.

Ashton and Grandpa Sullivan

Daddy and Peyton

The cousins
(Treyton, Peyton, & Ashton)

Friends, but more like cousins
(Megan, Ashlyn, Ashton, Peyton)

I took this to show that for the first time I could get all of Peyton's hair in a pony tail

They are so siblings, look at their feet
While in Arizona we went to the Mesa Temple's Visitor Center

Daddy telling them about Jesus
Family Photo

Another family photo in front of the Mesa Temple where we were married 5 years ago next month
Nap time. Kipton also likes his blankie just like his brother and sister have theirs

Sitting by the pool splashing one night.
(Peyton, Grandpa Sullivan and Ashton)

Splashing just wasn't enough
While in Arizona, I had my birthday and my sister in law (Annedria) was wonderful and had a party for me. My best friend Shelley brought me cheesecake (my favorite). It was so nice to visit with family and friends that night. Thanks to everyone who came and made it special.

Back in Colorado just in time for Peyton's 2nd birthday!
We did something very simple. We went to the Spray Ground. It was free and Peyton loved it.
Princess Peyton
I can just see Peyton thinking and twirling her hair, "Why isn't the water on?"

And the fun begins...

Grandma Guthrie playing with Ashton

Our friend Jennifer with her daughter Willow

Daddy and Kipton

Trinity, Ashton, Peyton and Desmond
(2 more of Jennifer's kids)

Keep Desmond in your prayers. He may have to have brain surgery soon.

Grandma Guthrie and Peyton

Opening presents. She wasn't in the mood and threw a fit. So I didn't get any good pictures

Grass/weeds sure can grow pretty fast when your busy having a baby and traveling. Taylor had just started to cut the grass in our backyard.

On to Kipton

He is just so stinking cute.

He has strawberry blond/red hair with blue eyes

Denver Temple

More Kipton
On the 18th, the day before Marianne and Phil Guthrie left for their mission we all got together including Shaundra (Taylor's sister) and had a birthday party for all of us. Mine and Peyton's birthday had just passed, but Marianne, Taylor, Phil, and Shaundra all have birthdays coming up.

Grandma Guthrie and Kipton


Every year I make an Oreo cookies n cream ice cream cake and this year was my cake ever.

Another family photo in front of our house!


Scott & Annedria said...

Looks like lots of fun times! Kipton is getting so big so fast! You guys sure are a good lookin family.

Amber said...

Great pictures!

Lacey said...

Oh my goodness, I guess I haven't been to your blog in a while! You had your baby!! He's completely adorable. Congratulations!! And you look fantastic.