Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fairy Tale Dance 1

This was Peyton's first lesson. Not too much accomplished today. Lost a lot time getting paperwork filled out and many girls not following instructions. I also wasn't allowed in the room so it was hard to get anything through the little window. Still a lot of fun to watch. Peyton was so happy! I was very impressed with her. She sat quietly, waited her turn, followed instructions. Many little girls were running around and or just goofing off, but she wasn't. I thought she acted very mature.


Scott & Annedria said...

Oh how sweet, she is the prettiest little dancer. Makes me want a girl!! Thanks alot, I was very satisfied with my boys, guess we'll have to try for a girl next time. It'll be a while though!!

Amber said...

That was so cute! She looked like she had a lot of fun.