Saturday, November 3, 2012

Build and Grow Workshops


For the past few months Taylor has been taking Ashton and Peyton to Home Depot’s and Lowes Build and Grow workshops. Home Depot does there the first Saturday of the month and Lowes has them twice a month also on Saturdays. They are usually less then an hour and always free! Just recently we started taking Kipton. He was always sad he had to stay home and even sadder when he didn’t get a new toy when the others came back. Now we all go and it’s been a lot of fun! 

The last Home Depot workshop we got to build a fire truck.


Daddy helping Kipton hammer in the nails. Even from this angle you can tell Kipton has a big smile.  


It’s a little nerve-racking handing your child a hammer while you hold the pieces together. Sometimes we hammer first to get it started and let them finishing hammering the nail in all the way.


The kids even get their own apron. At the end of the workshop Home Depot hands out little pins that you get to attach to your apron that show you’ve completed the task.



After we got all the trucks assembled they got to paint them. Taylor isn’t a fan of painting, but the kids love it. Taylor doesn’t like the mess and the kids use so much paint that it takes awhile to dry.


Ashton was being very careful with his paint.


I was surprised out how serious and calm Kipton was with painting. He definitely took his time.



Peyton picked red and purple. In the end she got a pink fire truck when all the colors started blending together.


Look how serious they all are.



I liked Home Depots workshops. They had buckets to sit on and the tables were low for the kids.


Here are some pictures of the Lowes Build and Grow clinic. I didn’t get as many pictures. Unfortunately I got none of Kipton. They had these large stacks of ply wood to work on that was too tall for most the kids. Kipton couldn’t even see over. Next time I think we will go a little earlier and put Kipton on top so he can sit and work. It just got crowded so we didn’t. They also don’t have any chairs to sit on. Taylor prefers Lowes over Home Depot because there is no painting and the projects are little more involved.



Lowes has kid size hammers which was nice.


In the end they created these Monster boxes. I helped Peyton and Taylor helped the boys. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the boys monster boxes, but Taylor didn’t follow the directions 100%. He stuck the eyes inside the box so you can see them when it open. He made it sound cool to the boys so they didn’t care, but I got a good laugh out of it.


I like that both stores offer “girly” ways of dressing up their crafts.


Lowes also offers little aprons, but instead of pins they get patches and Taylor sews them on. You can see part of one on Peyton’s apron.

I found out Toys R Us is starting to host these workshops too so we might try those out as well.


Scott & Annedria said...

Looks like fun! We keep meaning to do that with our boys but never remember on the day. Maybe if I put it on my calendar I'll remember!!

Amber said...

Our Home Depot doesn't have paint, or so I've heard, just stickers. What a fun thing for the kids to do!