Monday, July 7, 2008

House Pictures

I finally have pictures of the inside of the house for you.

Here is our living room upstairs. By the way, we got that entertainment center for $50 off of craigslist. What a deal!

Dining room.
This is the upstairs bathroom. Check out our matching blue tub and toilet. Nice!

Here is our kitchen and Ashton is eating in the corner.

Here is Peyton's room.

Ashton's room

This was new for us to baby proof stairs.

Guest room. Sorry it's not a good angle

Downstairs bathroom. There is a small shower in here as well.

Downstairs family room and our office.

We also have a huge backyard, but it is full of weeds and no grass. I didn't post a picture of the master bedroom. I was just to tired to make it look nice. Besides it's pretty boring anyway. We do have 2 closets which is nice.


John & Dana said...

Liz! Your house looks gorgeous! It must feel nice to have everything ready just before that baby comes. That's exciting to hear how nicely you're progressing too. The second one always comes faster! We're doing okay. I'm done with work, which is nice. Childbirth prep went well... John is now educated! :) Since you'll probably deliver before me, GOOD LUCK AND POST PICS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

Sariah004 said...

Hey Liz! Thanks for posting pictures of your house. It looks very nice! Also...YAY for the baby news! I'm so excited for you!