Monday, November 17, 2008

In memory of Royce and Borg

For all the animal lovers out there I'm sure you would all agree how special your pet is to you. How they warm your heart and make you laugh. You love your pet as a child. They are very much apart of your family. When I moved to Arizona my family had 2 very small puppies. Royce and Borg. I grew up with them. They were like my brothers I guess you could say. Royce (Hoy-ce) was born in 1996 and was suppose to be a Rott-Mastiff mix. He looked more like a Rott-Shepard mix. He was very protective and lovable. Borg was also born in 1996 and he was the biggest Rottweiler on the block. Maybe even in the state. He was always happy and loved to chase a ball. We nicknamed him the happy meal. Royce passed away one week before Taylor and I got married on September 8th, 2005. Borg just recently passed away on October 31st, 2008. Both dogs passed away due to complications with cancer. I've put together a short photo slide show of the boys.

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The Picketts said...

Oh - I'm so sad to hear about these dogs! I have to agree with you that your pets mean SO much! My dog passed away while I was on my mission! It was so sad!!!
Lucky for us, we know that "all dogs go to heaven" :o)