Saturday, November 22, 2008

TAG: 2 lies and a truth!

I was tagged by Lacey to post 2 lies and a truth and you get to guess which one is the truth or figure out the lies :)

1. I use to work for Country Inn and Suites which for those of you who live in AZ, it is located off the US 60 and Power road. Anyway, I was told this bigwig was coming in. Now that you know the location your probably thinking what kind of bigwig would come out to East Mesa. At the time I had no idea. The person even used an alias which made it even more difficult. I just knew when the person said this name (the alias name) they were important. Moving on, I was also working the morning shift so I was just checking people out, not in so I wasn't expecting this VIP. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was bored and just killing time when the VIP came in. I didn't recognize him. I just stuck to my routine and asked to see his ID after he gave me his credit card. He gave me the strangest look. Side note, do you remember those credit card commercials who had celebrities trying to buy something with their credit card and the store worker was like how do I know this is you? It was kind of like one of those moments. So after the long stare I repeated myself asking to see his I.D. After all, I didn't know who he was. I started typing in his information starting with his name. I typed in Gene Hackman! I felt soooo stupid! Of course I've seen him in movies, but it just didn't register in my brain. I was expecting a CEO or a 4 star general, not a movie star!

2. I was at school sitting by myself, but still near a bunch of people. One of them was this totally hot guy. Too hot to like me of course. Anyway, I was sitting at a bench and he looks over at me. Quick look away I thought. After a moment I look back and he's still looking so I think do I have something on my face? I feel around nope nothing that I can tell. Maybe he is looking past me. So I push my bag off the back of the bench and take a look around. Nope no one looking this way. I look back at him and he is walking towards me. I was too nervous to hear what he had to say so I quickly packed up and ran off.

3. I took a chemistry class in high school and in that class 2 people sat at a table. You know so close that you are elbow to elbow. It was Thursday evening and I was suppose to find time to study except I really wanted to go to the mall with my friend. Study or buy clothes? I totally decided to buy clothes. I figured when I got back I could study, but when I got back I got on the phone and that lasted hours. Needless to say I didn't study. So the next day in class I was totally stumped on the test. However, my lab partner, the person sitting right next to me was super smart and I did exactly what you are thinking. I glanced over at her answers and copied them down. It paid off because because I passed the test. Guilt yes, but a passing grade.

Now it's up to you to guess which one is the truth or which ones are the lies???

I tag Annedria, Amber, Katie and Stacey!


Amber Kenoyer said...

I'll say #1 happened. That would be cool :)

Lacey said...

I think number 3. I have definitely done some test cheating in my day so it would be nice if I wasn't alone in the guilt department. Number 1 was very entertaining and I'd like to say it was that one, but I just don't believe it! Not for a minute!!! And number 2?? nope. Nervous or not, I'd bet my shoe collection that if a hot guy wanted your business like that, you woulda talked to him for sure! (The shoe collection bit was just for emphasis, I'm not really giving those babies up :)

Chrystalee said...

I think number three is the lie. : ) Love you.