Sunday, January 25, 2009


Friday after Taylor got off of work we packed up the family and drove to Marianne's. Shaundra was also there which made it even better to have us all together. Saturday morning Shaundra made a great breakfast and while we were eating we saw deer coming down. Marianne got up and got the crackers and all of them came down. We had 11 deer right next to the house.

These were the babies. Aren't they cute!

Looks a little scary, huh?


Okay, they weren't mean. They were actually going for the cracker.

They were so close I got to pet one on the nose and she even licked my hand.

It was really neat to be that close to them and see how sweet they are. This was my first time feeding the deer, but Marianne and Phil have done this several times.


Rogers Family said...

Wow, thats amazing! I can't wait to come up for a visit and see for myself. It looks like you guys had so much fun feeding the deer.

Scott & Annedria said...

That's crazy!! I know mom told me she feeds the deer crackers but I can't believe how friendly and unafraid they are!! Pretty cool. We've seen deer at mom's but never that many and that close.

Chrystalee said...

I bet you'll never wash that finger again! : )

rainstorm said...

That is the CooooLest thing. Some of these pictures should be entered into a photo contest. I LovE them. By the way... Hi, it's Joyce Rodgers ;)HUGS