Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More and then some more

Hello again!
First off I want to tell everyone about Taylor's new job. According to Taylor it is going to be super easy, but right now it is pretty boring. He has 4 weeks of training M-F 8-4pm. He started training on the 12th so just over a week now. Once training is over he will start his regular shift which is 4:15a -12p M-F. There is a possibility of overtime which would be great. Since Taylor will be done around noon he will look for another job to work part time. However he can't look for that job until training is over since his hours will not allow him to even interview. The company is called Premiere Global and his position is conference support specialist. From what I understand he will mediate conference calls between companies. Sounds easy to me.

Taylor also got a new calling. Once they find a replacement he will be released from being the 2nd counselor in the Young Mens, Deacons advisor and Scout Master. He will continue to be the Young Mens basketball couch until the season is over. Okay, on with the new calling. Taylor has been called by the Stake Presidency to be the 1st counselor in the Elders Quorum. He is really excited for this opportunity and I am excited for him.

Ashton has been talking up a storm lately. SOOO many new words every day. I just can't keep up with them all. It's like we are having a conversation now. One of my favorite things he says is his own name. It is so cute. Thank you Shaundra for teaching him that. He also says please and thanks. He can make the sounds of several different animals and so much more. Ashton also loves going to nursery in church. He does so well and I am so glad. He plays well and doesn't complain. I was a little worried with our new church time being at 1:30, smack dab in the middle of nap time, but his nursery leaders tell me only good things.

Peyton is adorable as ever. She has recently started eating infant cereal. I usually wait until 6 months because that is the recommendation and Peyton is 5 1/2 months. However, she is waking up more at night then she ever has and it finally dawned on me that she was ready for real food. She did pretty well with it today. She knows to open her mouth, but the swallowing part is still tricking her. Today was her first time. She'll get it soon enough.

I've put all the pictures below. There were so many pictures and I didn't want to take the time to put them in order.

Whenever I put Peyton on her changing pad and undress her she immediately puts her toes in her mouth. I think it is so cute! I wish I was that flexible.

Peyton can sit up as long as she has the boppy behind her to give her a little support.

LOL, okay not the greatest picture of Ashton. He had some funky hair from waking up from his nap just prior to this. He loves shoes by the way and he found Shaundra's boots and of course he had to put them on.

Here is Shaundra (Taylor's sister) with Ashton and Peyton

Peyton loves the saucer. We don't have a very nice one. It was free so we didn't complain. Peyton especially likes it when Ashton bounces it for her.

Marianne and Ashton singing and playing the piano

Potter and Bella. Oh boy are they bestest friends.

Peyton loves being with her daddy

Peyton loves her fingers. She doesn't suck on them she just, well I don't know why. We weaned her of the pacifier about a month ago so she likes her fingers and her blankets.

This is Chloe aka Large Marge. This is Marianne and Phil's new cat that showed up at their house one day. A very friendly cat and is good with dogs and kids.

Ashton loves to climb on the couch and stare out the window. He waits for Dada to show up.

Funny face

Yep, don't know what this is about. He started to take his shirt off and then didn't.

Yes, cereal for Peyton. Sitting in the high chair like a big girl. There is something about this stage that makes me feel like my baby is not going to be a baby much longer.
She is loving getting food, but doesn't quite understand swallowing. Instead she pushes it out.

She loves to play with her feet

Okay, so this pic was taken a few weeks after Peyton was born. She had a ton of hair and still does except...

...for her bald spot. I think it is so funny. She managed to keep all of the rest despite what people said. She did rub off this one part of her head. This didn't happen until she was about 8 weeks old when she started sleeping in her crib. Now you can see tiny little hairs trying to grow back.


TacyAnne said...

Too funny-all the pictures. And you blabbing about Taylor's calling...did they sustain him already? Just curious, Cam doesn't remember and since I wasn't there on Sunday... Hopefully, you'll be hearing from us soon on that whole watching the kids while we deliver deal...but who know! ARG!

Amber said...

They are getting so big! I just saw them not too long ago and they have grown so much.

Rogers Family said...

So stinkin cute! I can't even believe how big peyton has gotten. I feel like a terrible aunt. I still haven't gotten up there to see her. It will probably be a while too because we are BROKE :). Love ya girl. Give the kiddos a hug and kiss from their favorite aunt stacey!

Chrystalee said...

What a couple of cuties!!!! Ok, Shaundra too. : ) Finally, pics of Large Marge. Congrats to Taylor on the calling, it must run in the family (my Scott's in the Presidency also). Peyton is sooooo adorable!!!! Can you tell how much I love girls?!?!?! Love you.

Lacey said...

So glad Taylor got a good job. What a relief I bet. And whoa...that's a huge calling. I hope it doesn't come with a ton of stress. I love that Ashton is having conversations with you now...that is my favorite stage!! We are in the pointing and screaming stage right now and it is not so fun. Can't wait till he can just tell me what on earth he wants already! The pics are so cute!