Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alike or Different?

I like to compare my kids to see how much they are alike and different. What do you think?

Ashton at 6 months

Peyton at 7 months. She was eating crackers and they tend to get all over her face.

Peyton and Ashton at 4 months


Amber said...

I think their chins are the same shape, that's what stood out to me.

Anna Hunt said...

I love that you post so many pictures of the kids. I miss seeing them. I think it is fun to compare the two at the diffrent ages too. But with your kids i see so many similarities and differences but for sure Peyton just has that soft precious girl look, LOVE IT!! I also love the video of her saying MAMMMAAAAA to cute. Miss you!!

Shana Burkett said...

They are like little twins!

Scott & Annedria said...

Well they both are sooo cute and I miss them. I definatly think Peyton looks much more girly even in the bath with no girly cloths on. Ashton looks very much like a boy, Peyton is much more peite than Ashton as it should be!!
Love you guys,

Lacey said...

So much alike!! Its hard to tell in separate pics but at the same ages right next to each other definitely so much alike!

John and Dana Lyn said...

You can definitely see it in the eyes!