Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snell Family Reunion

End of July was the Snell Family Reunion. Taylor's mom side of the family. It was really special because Chrystalee drove from Texas with two of her kids and Annedria flew in from Arizona with her newly born baby Trey.

This was the first real time that Ryleigh and Ashton (cousins) could play and actually get along. It was so cute to watch them. Here are some photos that we got without them knowing and then after them knowing.

Here they are sitting on the bottom step staring at each other drinking out of identical cups.

I was busted for snapping a picture. They don't look too upset though.

I don't know what they are doing in these pictures.

Trey got lots of baths while he was here. He got a pretty severe diaper rash so we let the water do the dirty work of cleaning and he loved the bath. We even let him lie down on the counter so he could air his little bum out.

He loved it and even took a little nap. Annedria, Chrystalee and I all sat around him talking while he rested.

One thing we realized is that Taylor and I know this baby thing pretty well. It also made me realize that I am not "baby hungry" : )

I don't have many pictures of the actually reunion.

These were taken over at Uncle David and Aunt Sheila

Here's the family

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Scott & Annedria said...

Was alot of fun! By the way I love the pic of Peyton on the side she is so adorable, and Ashton with his sun glasses, he's super cool!!