Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mesa Police Department

I read in the paper that the Mesa PD was hosting a Child Safety Expo. Taylor unfortunately had to work and school today, but I still wanted to go. I don’t normally take the kids by myself to crowded events, but thought if I go early it won’t be too busy and I felt pretty safe being the Mesa Police Department was hosting it.

Here is the the Mesa Police Helicopter. It was pretty neat to get up close to it and talk to the pilots.



They were even letting kids on the Police Motorcycle and also showing how there radar gun works by testing it on cars entering the parking lot.



Next we got to go in the Command Truck. It was setup with surveillance of the event going on outside on several large flat screen T.V.s inside. It was neat to see how they operate.

This was a long workstation for officers to complete their incident reports. There was also a small kitchen and bathroom towards the back and in the front was a large conference desk surrounded by flat screens and a dry erase board.



The Fire Department brought out their Parade Fire Truck. This truck is an old truck that use to be in operation. They fixed it up and now it’s for show.

Ashton got to ring the bell




This was taken place inside and outside of LA Fitness. Inside LA Fitness we got to have the children fingerprinted, DNA swabbed, photographed and voice recorded. All the information went onto a CD that I have a copy of. There is no record then what I have. This information would only be needed if something happened to one of our kids. We would be able to give the police everything they would need to help find one of our kids. They gave us a CD for each child with all the information, along with printouts of their photos (Front photo, profile left and right, and a photo of the child back of the head) and fingerprints of every finger. We also got two identification cards for each child. A set of me and a set for Taylor to keep in our wallets.

While waiting in line however the Chick-Fil-A Cow passed by. We were also given 3 free kids meal passes and 2 free adult sandwiches passes while waiting. Later I was given 3 more! Looks like we will be going to Chick-Fil-A sometime soon!


Kipton is such a happy baby. He just hangs out and hardly complains.


They also had free hot dogs and chips and free snow cones. This was their first time eating a snow cone and they loved it. I shared mine with Kipton!


Besides the 100 degree heat we had a great time. There was also bouncy castles, but it was too hot to go in the them. Literally just touching them was too hot. I’m glad to have the safety kits for each child in case the unmentionable ever happened. We also got to explore some neat equipment.


Scott & Annedria said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun, wish we could have gone!

Amber said...

This looks like a lot of fun! I should see if our PD does anything like it.

Rogers Family said...

oh my gosh Liz, that is so so cool! I bet the older two will always remember that day! I know my kiddos would. And how awesome that they finger printed them and everything! You're such a good momma :-)