Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Costumes & Halloween

This Halloween has felt like the longest Halloween I have ever experienced. Starting with trying to plan, create, and organize our costume ideas with lots of help from some super crafty ladies I know.

Last Thursday Ashton and Peyton’s school put on a costume parade. Peyton’s class was required to wear their costumes to school. The next few pictures are from us waiting for the bus. However for Ashton’s class I was allowed to go early and have snacks with the class and then help him with his costume. Because of that I don’t have any early photos of him.

If you haven’t already figured it out, Peyton went dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz which you will probably start noticing a theme.



My friend Shelley made the Dorothy dress a few years ago. She did an amazing job.


Complete with Toto the dog and ruby red slippers.




Here are some pictures of Ashton and Peyton with their classes.

Ashton’s costume was the Tin Man.


This is Ashton’s class. His teacher Mrs. Helton is on the left in the cheetah print and Miss Andrea the aid is on the right.


Here is Peyton’s class. Only 8 of the 9 kids present and Peyton is the only girl besides the teachers. Her teacher, Miss Kathy is Snow White and then there are two assistants.


There were several classes outside, but it turned out that Ashton and Peyton’s class were seated next to each other. Here they are sitting together. So cute!


On Friday we had our ward Trunk or Treat which I thought was a bit disappointing. I guess we were spoiled in Colorado with smaller wards.

I made these Pumpkin Cupcakes for the cake walk. Spice cake with a cream cheese frosting.




Yes that is Taylor dressed up as the Scare Crow along with Kipton as a Lion. Taylor kept forgetting that his nose was painted and kept rubbing it all night long.


Family Photo aka The Wizard of Oz


Of course Ashton and Peyton joined in the cupcake walk, but do you think when it came time to pick a cupcake they would choose mine? Nope, they didn’t.


Finally Halloween night!


My old roommate Rachel helped me put together the Tin Man costume. She also made the Lion costume for her son a few years ago. It was a little snug on Kipton and he wouldn’t wear the head piece or it would have looked even better.




Actual Trick or Treating! We didn’t go to too many houses, but times 3 kids we sure did get lot of candy.


Our very basic decorations. We had our 3 carved pumpkins and then we drew faces on old milk jugs and put lights in them.


Today is the first day of November and I’m hoping tomorrow is our last day of candy so I can finally feel like Halloween has past!


Scott & Annedria said...

Love the costumes, so cute!! Cupcakes looked good, your so good at making cute cupcakes!!

Rogers Family said...

I LOVE the costumes and the cupcakes. You and your cupcakes...

Amber said...

The costumes are so cute. I love those red slippers! I want to eat one of your cupcakes, they look amazing!