Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa’s Wonderland

This morning we went to Bass Pro Shops Santa’s Wonderland. It was a blast. The kids got to take pictures with Santa and they had games and crafts and even a full size carousel inside and the best part was it was all FREE.

This was our first year meeting Santa. We had a talk with Ashton about it and he was really excited. He went first. We were hoping that would help Peyton feel more confortable.


At first Peyton didn’t want to go, but then she saw Santa give Ashton a candy cane. That was enough to convince her.


Next up was Kipton. I was happy the lady snapped the picture before Kipton realized what was going on. He isn’t smiling, but he wasn’t crying either so that was good.


Surprisingly no one was in line after us so we decided to get a group picture. I just wanted a group picture of the kids, but then photographer said we could get in and thought might as well and I’m glad we did.


We played some of the games for a little bit and then went to the carousel.



Peyton was an inch too short to ride solo.



Even Kipton enjoyed it.



Scott & Annedria said...

looks like fun!

Amber said...

How fun! I love the carousel with the animals :)

Rogers Family said...

Looks like your kids loved it!!! Great pics.