Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bunking Up


I’ve gone back and forth and whether or not it was the right time for Ashton and Peyton to share a room. We’ve tried in the past, but it just never worked out well. They would play all night and then would wake each other up in the morning. Anyway, I was getting tired of the toys being strewn from one room to the next. We eliminated the toys downstairs in the living room now that Kipton can go up and down the stairs unassisted. So one day last week Taylor and I decided to try it again and we are so glad we did. They love it. They have always been close, but now they seem inseparable. We also combined all their toys and tried to organize as best as we could. They have a very large bedroom which helps.



Its called the play room as you can see why. Every night before bed the 3 of them help out and pick every toy up. It’s nice that the room is staying clean and it teaches them important lessons.


We took the doors off the closet and put their dresser in there. The hanging shelf in their holds all their dress up clothes. Mostly Peyton’s. We are working on getting more for the boys.


We are also teaching them to make their beds every morning too.


Ashton and Peyton have been doing really well sharing a room. When it’s bedtime they both lie down and go to sleep. Every now and then they try and sneak around, but get caught and quickly get back in bed. They do wake each other up in the morning, but stay pretty quiet so I don’t mind.


Why can’t this little boy stay my baby. It wont be long and he will be on the top bunk giving me a heart attack.


But with a face like that I can’t ever be upset with him



Ashton mostly has hats for dress up


The princess in the room


Just added this tonight! I’ve been searching for anything Spiderman to use for Ashton’s birthday party coming up and someone gave me this giant wall poster. He told me it was originally hanging in blockbuster when the movie was released. How cool is that? Ashton and even Peyton love it. I wonder if it would scare them in the night and Ashton said Spiderman would scare the monsters.


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Amber said...

That room looks huge! And how nice to have all the toys in there. Ashton and Peyton look cute in their bunks together!