Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Little League

It’s Spring which means it’s time for Little League! We did t-ball last year with a different organization and decided to this one. Little League is a huge organization that started in 1938. It’s been in Arizona for over 60 years and as of 1998 Little league had expanded to 95 countries.

We were fortunate enough to have another mom on the team willing to take individual and team photos one night during practice. We could have went through the league, but the prices are just getting to be too expensive.






I think the photos came out very well and you can’t beat the price…FREE!

Little League has opening day ceremonies where all the teams in a division get together. All the parents are in the bleachers and we get to watch all the teams walk out on the track holding up their team banner. Ashton just so happens to be holding the their banner with one of the coaches.


Doesn’t Ashton look happy?


Their first game is tomorrow so I will blog those in time. They play for 8 weeks, 2 nights a week, plus 1 night of practice.


Amber said...

The pictures are great, very nice of that Mom. Ashton looks so happy!

Rogers Family said...

LOVE these pictures!! Ashton couldn't have a bigger smile on his face :-)