Monday, September 29, 2008


I can not describe how excited I am now that Ashton can go to nursery. Yesterday was his first day. We walked in and he took off for the blocks and never looked back. We were planning on staying in there with him for awhile, but he didn't need us so we just left. As I was sitting in Relief Society I kept waiting for one of the teachers to bring him to me, but it never happened. At the end of church when we went to pick him up his teacher said he did great. He just played and played and never cried. I was so happy.
Being able to sit in Relief Society and not have to entertain a toddler and try to keep him quiet was wonderful. I got so much more out of the lesson. Peyton did well too. She just hung out in my arms and didn't cry. She did however bring attention to us. All you moms know how loud your babies bodily functions can be, right? Most of you also know how quiet it is in church and Relief society is very quiet. There are about 20 women and only 1 other child in there. I was holding Peyton up by my shoulder patting her back when she decides to fill her diaper. Almost everyone in the room turned when they heard the squirting and farting going on. She just kept going too. Even the lady giving the lesson paused for a second. I just smiled and kept patting her back. Then she belches. Loud enough for the rows surrounding me to hear and they turned and looked at us again. If that wasn't bad enough she then sneezes and all this snot comes out.
Do you have any stories about your kids embarrasing you?


Sarah said...

As a matter of fact..I do have an embarassing story! I was at my sis-in-laws a few weekends ago for her babyshower and josh spit up ALL over me. I am not exaggerating.....ALL over me. I had to strip and wear my mother-in-laws clothes...mind you, she's a size 4 petite! I don't know how, but by the grace of god I fit into her clothes. That sure was a fun night! :)

John and Dana Lyn said...

LOL! Oh Liz... my daughter has inherited her father's bodily functions (you might remember, having worked in the same office space). She has some pretty loud toots, and by the POOP pictures I posted you can tell she's a lethal weapon. I'm almost tempted to pack an extra outfit in the diaper bag for ME TOO! You never know!

Glazier's said...

Oh I have many stories! It was Christmas time last year and I was in the mothers lounge nursing Olivia for like a good 40 minutes. She was all full and then barfed everything up all over me! I was soaked and still had a ton of shopping left to do. All the other moms in the room felt for me. So I had Mark buy me new clothes cause I couldn't walk around with puke clothes. The bad thing was I didn't know my size! I was still wearing my maternity clothes! Your relief Society incident has happened to me a few times as well.

Lacey said...

That is embarrassing for sure, but I dare anyone to try and top this: my visiting teachers were over one time and Kayson blurts out in the middle of their lesson, "My mommy thinks her butt looks like cottage cheese" Oh my gosh! So...yeah, it only gets worse the older they get because they repeat what you say!!