Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yogurt and a toddler

Before Peyton was born I was helping Ashton use a spoon. Then Peyton arrived and I didn't have the time anymore. Well, it's time to start letting him learn again. Today I was feeding him his yogurt and got about half way and I gave him the spoon. He loved dipping it into the yogurt and pulling the spoon out. I wanted to let him take over and see what would happen. He needs to practice. So I put a couple of blankets under the high chair. It's all carpeted here except for our little kitchen. I put a bib on him and handed him the yogurt and a spoon and sat on the couch. He did pretty well.

I emailed Taylor and told him what I had done and he said, "Is he flinging yet?" I sent back saying, "No not yet." I hit send and look over and there is Ashton sticking his hand in the yogurt and then flinging it off his hand. I totally blame Taylor for it. No pics of that. I was in hurry to stop the flying yogurt.

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Scott & Annedria said...

Way to Ashton!! You are such a big boy now. But still as cute as ever. I miss you sooooo much!!!