Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ashton’s Birthday


On March 31st Ashton turned 5 years old! We weren’t able to have his party until April 2nd, but thanks to some great friends I was able to take Ashton out for a couple hours just the two of us. With Taylor’s new schedule he has to work Saturdays and this year Ashton’s birthday was on a Saturday. I felt a little sad that Ashton wasn’t able to have his party on his actual birthday and he is old enough to know when his birthday was. He has been checking the calendar almost daily waiting.

A great friend of ours came over to our house and watch Peyton and Kipton. Ashton was very excited. We first went to the toy store and Ashton picked out some Spiderman sunglasses. Toys R Us mailed us a small gift card for his birthday. Then we went to Baskin Robbins for some free ice cream.


As we were sitting there eating our ice cream a lady walked over and started talking to us. I told her it was Ashton’s birthday and she made a few comments. She started to walk away and came back and said she wanted to be the first person to give him a birthday present and handed him $1 bill! It was really sweet!

After ice cream we headed over to Peter Piper Pizza where Ashton was eager to use his new $1 bill, but he didn’t need too. I had a coupon for 10 free tokens! We both had a great time. Ashton really enjoyed this motorcycle game. Played that several times. Then we played some skee ball and even some air hockey.


When I asked Ashton what he wanted to do for his birthday he told me he wanted to go to the park and have Spiderman cupcakes!


Here are the cupcakes! Ashton said he was so proud of me. 




IMAG0375-1 (1)






Since we had the party in the evening we served up dinner. We had pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, chips, veggies, and fruit.




The kids loved playing at the park!


Our nephew Trey and Peyton.







On to presents…

Ashton got some pretty cool gifts.

He got these two Spiderman's that sleep in his bed every night.



Check out that Dinosaur card!


If there was a winner for best gift this would have won. Ashton got a scooter! Look at that face. It says it all.



Remote control truck



Thank you to everyone who came and made his day special!

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Amber said...

The cupcakes looks great, nice job! How sweet that Ashton said that, I bet it melted your heart!