Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gymnastics & Ballet


We’ve recently signed Peyton up for gymnastics. Saying she loves it is a huge understatement. She is always talking about it and she can’t wait to go back.


Please forgive me. Some of the pictures are a little blurry.


Bar work. Here she is trying to keep her arms straight while supporting herself at the same time.



They do a circuit and one of the stops along the way is good old hopscotch.


Here the girls needed to swing through and kick the blue “barrel” is what the teacher called it.



Hand stands! Here they needed to put their hands on the little red hands on the floor and kick or walk their feet up. Then tuck their head in and roll their back into a somersault.



More swinging, but look at all the girls in the background up on the beams. They were very impressive up there.


Peyton’s beams are very close to the floor.

Below notice the little girl in red next to Peyton…her name is Abby and she is also in Peyton’s ballet class. They are only a few days apart.







Walking backwards on her tippy toes


Then they have this giant trampoline



Who wouldn’t enjoy all this?




I thought I would add it to this post since it’s pretty much all about Peyton anyway. She started Ballet a few months ago and I was only able to get video from that first day and later found out my cinematography was awful. This is part of the reason why I haven’t posted it, but I thought for the family out of town they would probably like to see it anyway. The video is blurry in parts and also I cut off the some of the most important parts like her head or her feet. Also keep in mind this was her first time in the class. This  instructor does all of her informal (younger ages) in her studio in her garage and the formal (older ages) in her actual dance studio. Just in case you were wondering why it looks like a garage it’s because it is.

She does however have a recital coming up in May and I hope to get a much better video.



Studio R Ballet put on a Spring performance last Saturday called Ballet Under The Stars. It was outside in a neighborhood amphitheater. I was very excited when I heard about it. I now have someone to go to the ballet with….my daughter! We arrived a little early and scored front row seats. We just laid out a blanket and hung out. The performance was about an hour long and included many popular ballets like the Swan Lake. Peyton was memorized by all the girls in their special costumes.

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Amber said...

The video is great! Thanks for sharing it with us. Does Peyton like gymnastics or ballet better?