Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Power Wheels


A neighbor was giving away their Power Wheels Escalade. Ashton has been asking for one for a long time now and I really didn’t think he would ever get one since they got for $300 and up, but it just so happens some dreams do come true.




Kipton loves going for a ride.


Ashton is hoping to show his cousin Trey his new wheels soon. I wonder if this thing can tow a wagon so we can give everyone a ride.

As of right now Ashton is the only authorized driver. He is only allow to drive it in the low gear. It’s got a lot power and I’m not sure if I trust Peyton just yet. I’m not so sure if I should trust Ashton just yet either. Watch the video below!


Scott & Annedria said...

Wow, Trey loves watching the video, he wants to watch it over and over. He can't wait to come over and get a ride!!

Amber said...

That looks like fun!