Saturday, April 14, 2012

Field Trip

Right across the street from Ashton and Peyton’s school is a very nice park. Both their classes decided to go together on this field trip. Except they were hardly ever together. Since I went last time with Ashton in the Fall and this was Peyton’s first field trip I decided to spend most my time with her class.

I was fortunately enough to be able to bring Kipton along.

Both classes stopped to feed the ducks.



Peyton eating the stale bread. She didn’t realize it wasn’t her snack, but it was the ducks.


After feeding the duck both classes got to play on the playground.


Ashton with his friend Jackson




This is Ty. You’ll hear more about him below



We’ve been hearing a lot about these two boys. Ty and Bowen. Peyton’s teacher said that these boys just love Peyton. She is always holding hands with them walking to the playground. Not too uncommon since all the kids have to hold hands while walking there, but that Peyton is usually paired off with one of them. Also she is the only girl in her class with 13 other boys. She is bound to get extra attention.

Well I was watching them while on the field trip. Bowen who is pictured below walked with us to the park. But then Peyton spent most of her time while at the park with Ty.



We took a break from playing and had snack time. Peyton didn’t want to sit with her brothers and me so I went to see if she needed anything and she was sitting with Bowen.



Ashton”s class headed back to campus earlier then Peyton’s class so he just tagged along with me.

Here the boys are sharing snacks.



After snacks the kids got to go play on a different playground. Within minutes Peyton got hurt and as she was running towards me so was Ty from a different direction. He immediately hugged her and started rubbing her back and shoulder while she cried and was trying to tell me what happened. He was very sweet trying to comfort her. He then kissed her on the forehead and they went off to the play ground. I was a little taken back, but it was very innocent. You can tell Ty has been taught to comfort someone when they get hurt. Their teacher told me that Ty is very loving. The class is so young. Ages 2-4 years old and it’s nice to know Peyton is well taken care of. Definitely not ready for this girl to grow up.



Peyton with Ms. May. She is one of the aides.



The whole class. Mrs. Kathy (teacher) on the right and then Ms. Sherrie and Ms. May both aides.

Look at all those boys in her class. Notice Bowen is standing next to Peyton.


Mrs. Kathy and the class. Peyton pouting. She didn’t want to take another picture. Ty is standing behind Peyton.


It was a lot of fun to go on their field trip. They both loved having me there and Kipton benefited from it too.

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